Children’s Book

Following my studies in illustration and character design, I had an opportunity to work on drawing panels of a self-chosen or imaginary children’s story book.

The story I came up with, follows a pig knight in his fantastical adventure to save the kingdom’s heiress. Since the number of panels are limited, they only showcase key scenes of the story.

This collection was done in 2020. By watercolor, ink and colored pencils.

Sayna Goharian

Sayna Goharian

Sayna Goharian is an aspiring artist based in Tehran. She has experience of studying graphic design at Manzoomeh Kherad for 3 years, therefore holds a diploma in the same major. She is currently studying painting at University of Tehran.
Sayna’s desired artistic route is to create vibrant and experimental pieces. Infusing the fun nature of illustration and livelihood of animation with textures and personality of painting.